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About Los Altos:

Los Altos is a city at the southern end of the San Francisco Peninsula (part of the Silicon Valley). The city is located in Santa Clara County, California. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 27,693.

Los Altos is a quiet "bedroom community" suburb serving both San... (More Info and Source) Los Altos Real Estate

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Family shattered after mother, son die in Sunnydale fire

A family was struggling with their grief Wednesday after a mother and her three-year-old son were killed in a smoky, one-alarm fire that swept through a home in San Francisco's Sunnydale housing project.

The San Francisco Fire Department said it responded to the fire at the Sunnydale Housing Projects on Brookdale Avenue just before 10 a.m. 

"When firefighters kicked the door in, it split in half. So it was burnt pretty good on the other side," said San Francisco Fire Capt. Mark Gonzales.

On the inside of the two-story unit -- according to family -- were three-year-old boy Santana Williams, his mother Eseta Ioane and his aunt Moana Uilama.

Uilama told KTVU she works overnight and was sleeping when the fire started.

"All I heard was my nephew going 'Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!'" said Uilama.

Uilama said the fire burned so fast she could not get downstairs and had to jump out a window to survive.

"I woke up and I hear everyone saying, 'Jump out! Get out! The house is on fire!'" remembered Uilama. "I jumped out of the window."

Keith Williams, Santana's father, did not hide his tears as he stood outside San Francisco General Hospital Wednesday afternoon.

"I just know I'm going to really miss him just coming into the room saying, 'Good morning dad, '" said Williams not long after finding out the three-year-old died in the fire. "He was a great kid. Fun loving; smart; loved football. A real boy's boy."

Keith Williams said he had joint custody of the toddler and is living in Richmond. Williams said he'll miss putting arm being around his little boy.

"He's three years old and a whole life ahead of him tragedy, I'm devastated."

A spokeswoman for the San Francisco housing authority said the smoke detectors in the unit where the fire started were working during the fire. Two other units were damaged.

San Francisco Fire officials said the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 19:21:02 -0700

2 Investigates: Is cleanliness an issue on BART trains?

After a BART train was taken off the tracks to due to a report of bed bugs, 2 Investigates dug into how often riders complain about car cleanliness to the transit agency.

The train that was the subject of the bed bug complaint was cleaned and is back in service. A BART spokesperson said no bed bugs were found.

A BART's spokesperson said the transit system immediately responded.

"We hunted down that train, pulled it out of service and gave it the proper cleaning that it needed," said BART spokesperson Alicia Trost.

2 Investigates found BART received a total of 39 interior car cleanliness complaints in the last year. None were for bed bugs until last week's report.

According to BART's most recent quarterly performance report, BART met its goal for train cleanliness.

A larger independent customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2012 had different results.

BART received the lowest ratings for 6 service attributes including the condition and cleanliness of train seats.

Another customer satisfaction survey will be conducted this fall.

BART's spokesperson said increases in customer satisfaction are likely as BART replaces wool seats with vinyl seats.

"Generally speaking, I've always had weird reactions to the upholstered seats and carpets with all the stains and stuff. I mean, I don't even want to know what the stains are," said commuter Brian Buddell.

Buddell is not alone.

On the same day as the BART bedbug complaint, another commuter tweeted BART: "What's that stain and should I sit there? A #BART game."

2 Investigates asked how BART knows if a stain is a spill or something more serious.

"We're going to send someone out immediately no matter what the stain is," said Trost. Workers need to be able to find the stain.

BART tweeted back: "Thanks for feedback. In future, please tweet @SFBART car number on front/back door & approximate seat location for follow up."

BART said the interior car cleanliness complaint category could include everything from trash to human waste.

BART customer service employees are able to search the category by keyword, but it takes time.

2 Investigates asked for a breakdown of the different cleanliness complaints BART has received. KTVU will provide that information once BART gets that it to us.

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 19:18:21 -0700

Google Glass certain to impact privacy laws

Electronic retailers usually sell consumers gadgets in boxes, but with the availability of Google Glass, they will soon be offering technology you can wear.

Some worry that new tech like Google Glass will strip away all of our privacy rights. Some even say that wearable technology may lay our privacy bare.

Google Glass is a full-blown computer, which, like smart phones can shoot pictures, video and sound. The difference being that with the specialized glasses, shooting can be done without being obvious about it.

There's even talk of putting such technology into contact lenses. That idea is worrisome to the watchdog of cyber privacy, the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

"As these devices become more and more a part of our bodies and less and less visible, the privacy implications rise," said Electronic Frontier Foundation spokesperson Adi Kamdar.

It's a reality that anything any of us does in public, can and often is recorded on video. But, can a business legally prohibit Google Glass type technologies inside their establishments as some already have attempted?

Ann Nguyen is a lawyer who's studied the wearable technology issue as related to businesses.

"They have a right to refuse service on whatever ground they want as long as it doesn't violate the law," said Nguyen.

That would also apply to hospitals, private and public, which have an even greater duty to protect the privacy of their patients. But what if a doctor wanted to record your private examination or surgery, or, for that matter you wanted to record it? That may well be new territory.

"Laws are catching up with technology. It's a bit behind but they're doing the best they can to catch up," explained attorney Nguyen.

Programmers and app developers can build in some security and protections, but not all.

"If you detect that someone is driving, you cannot allow them to use, you know, something that would distract their driving, things like that. But, in the end, it is just software. Somebody with enough knowledge can hack anything and make it do anything they want," said Zane Staggs, an app and software developer.

More than anything else -- mostly through legislation and lawsuits -- Google Glass will redefine privacy laws as we move headlong into smaller and far less detectable technology.

So what should Google Glass users do until then?

"Best course of action is to let folks know they're being recorded and that they consent to being recorded," attorney Nguyen said.

We really won't know much until enough of these devices start enough controversy to get courts and legislators involved.

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 18:35:46 -0700

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